Our values

Confidentiality. We take confidentiality seriously and respect others' need for it. Information shared here stays here.

Knowledge Sharing. The Ask a Chief of Staff Community is a place for sharing deep residual knowledge and best practices.

Supportive Community. We are committed to helping each other succeed. Offer advice and support to lift each other up.

Do No Harm. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior is unwelcome. Demonstrate respect for each individual’s dignity & capacity to contribute.


The culture of the Ask a Chief of Staff Community is grounded in mutual respect, confidentiality, knowledge sharing, and a willingness to help peers succeed. We value diversity of backgrounds and experiences and aim to create an inclusive environment where all members feel welcomed and able to contribute meaningfully. Trust, empathy, and confidentiality underpin our interactions as we support each other's growth as leaders.

John Quayle

Chief of Staff, Four Growers

"Ask a Chief of Staff is an exceptional, reliable community that supports Chiefs of Staff through every career stage by providing peer connections, shared wisdom for overcoming challenges, and transformative industry insights."

Sibi Murugesan

Ex-Chief of Staff at Calm Company Fund; Ex-Chief of Staff at Fanbox

"The Ask a Chief of Staff community is a vibrant, empowering ecosystem for real "doers" thanks to Clara Ma's brilliant leadership and insights that deliver timely programming tailored to the real needs of Chiefs of Staff."

Paige Honeycomb

Chief of Staff, Puzzle Financial

"Ask a Chief of Staff is my go-to-place to be surrounded by other current, aspiring, and former CoS's. It is truly the best group to be a part of if you would like help navigating the sometimes lonely and ambiguous role of CoS."

Matt Tait

CEO of Decimal

"Clara was a huge help in finding a Chief of Staff. She was extremely knowledgable and well connected. I couldn't have done it without her help."

Wendy Feliz

Chief of Staff at INARU

"The Ask a Chief of Staff community, led by Clara Ma's visionary leadership, is a cherished sanctuary of kindness, belonging, shared wisdom, and transformation that helped me conquer burnout, thrive in my role, and safeguard my wellbeing."

Samantha Vrcic

Chief of Staff / BizOps at Metaverse Opulence

"Clara is a brilliant, kind, and compassionate person. Her ability to successfully match CoS with companies is impeccable. I highly recommend working with Clara if you are looking at the next steps."

Here at Ask a Chief of Staff, we're helping find a Chief of Staff for every executive and empowering those who are already in the Chief of Staff role.

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